Pharmaceutical Research


The global pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing a huge transformation since the past few years, owing to the technological advancements in the medical field, increased life expectancy, and increasing incidences of chronic diseases and disorders. MarketDigits offers a wide range of pharmaceutical research services spanning from market analysis and individual documents to extensive medical writing programs. The pharmaceutical expert share meticulously analyze and drill down into each and every minute detail of information that is extracted from the research activity. Our qualified researchers and engineers with strong educational background provide well-researched and high-quality reports for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices companies across the globe.

Along with the core R&D activities that are actively undertaken for the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need for market research as well. Outsourcing has become popular as a cost-effective solution along with offering attractive opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by providing significant research and development support.

At MarketDigits, we help accomplish your endeavors with in-depth research and consulting services for Pharmaceutical Research Services and pharmaceutical clinical services. The analysts and consultants help companies in their branding and research related activities for an increased turnover and getting a competitive edge over other companies.

Medical Writing

Our team of highly qualified medical writers helps you compile, organize, write, edit, and produce a wide range of medical and scientific documentation required to support your product development efforts. We offer fast turnaround and a flexible, efficient process for any large or small projects. MarketDigits employs a large, full-time staff of experienced medical writers who have extensive backgrounds in most wide range of areas. Many possess master’s and doctorate degrees; in addition, thanks to our global presence, we can provide writers who work in a number of different languages.

Market Share Analysis

Through our market share analysis methodology, you can get an idea of where you stand in the market, in terms of market share as compared to your competitors. We help you come up with strategic plans and identify the opportunity areas so that you can capture additional market share. Our approach involves conducting primary interviews and vendor analysis with secondary research. We analyze the markets from time to time in order to enhance our understanding of them.

Prescription Analysis

Prescription analysis in a pharmaceutical company is of significant importance, since it gives micro-perspective of current position of the market.

Branding and Positioning Analysis

Our team uses market or positioning analysis for extracting information on the current market scenario in the target segment, which will further help you in reviewing your existing strategies for branding and market positioning. We help you deliver the best insights and effective positioning strategy that would benefit you the most.

Physician/Medical Practitioners Research

Since pharmaceutical is a technologically advanced and highly competitive industry, it requires research at every step. Our team specializes in acquiring the market information directly from the industry experts and medical practitioners. It is important to target your products keeping the medical practitioners in mind, since your market share is directly related to their behavior.

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