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The worldwide chemical industry has witnessed a huge change in the last few years, such as the advent of new products and applications, increased environmental awareness among consumers, and changed consumer preferences. These factors are also responsible for influencing the value chain of chemical companies across the globe. There has been a shift of manufacturing locations to Asian countries, mainly due to the surging demand from emerging nations, such as India, China, and Japan. Chemicals domain at MarketDigits offers global industry analysis, market forecasting, management consulting (strategy consulting), customizations, strategy development, and major insights into emerging markets and technologies. These parameters help in addressing the current and future market trends and challenges, identify new technologies, and screen opportunities for the company’s growth. Our team of analysts and consultants holding expertise in this field continuously monitor and study the market scenarios within this industry and provide local as well as the global perspective based on their market findings.


In the current competitive market scenario, automation companies across the globe are witnessing huge demand to improve efficiency and to meet the environmental standards and regulations as well as the corporate financial objectives. Cost reduction in automation is essential in order to enhance the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing and process systems, given the increasing age of many industrial systems and the dynamic nature of industrial manufacturing market. Advancements in technology in industrial automation over the past decades have largely contributed in the development of this sector. Demand for automation is likely to skyrocket in the coming years due to the increased requirements of high product quality, combined with the expectations of equally high reliability in high volume production. Increased adoption of technologies like IoT and Industry 4.0 and massive demand for automation in manufacturing sectors has given definitely given a fresh boost to the automation sector.

Energy & Power

The energy and power sector is witnessing huge transformation, owing to the rising demand for energy worldwide and highly volatile nature of oil & gas prices. There has been a rapid growth in renewable in the last decade, which takes up a major chunk of the world’s energy production, due to advancements in grid technologies and energy storage. Increased awareness and demand for “green” energy sources over conventional energy resources is also fueling the growth of this sector. However, fossil fuels continue its dominance over the global power portfolio. The energy sector being a highly regulated industry, the companies involved in this sector operate under stringent regulatory environment. MarketDigits research reports on energy & power sector offer intensive market information and in-depth analysis on the emerging renewable energy segments, focusing mainly on analyzing trends in the end-user markets and the impact of these trends on industries in the coming years.


Electronics industry has been ever-changing since the time it came into being, due to new developments and technological advancements every day. The reduced sizes of semiconductors and increasing efficiency have completely transformed the world we live in. We use semiconductor devices in almost every aspect of our lives, such as the PCs we work on, the cars we drive, the phones we use for communication, the electronic gadgets for watching movies, listening to music, and playing games, and the aircrafts and weapons used for protecting us or transporting. In short, we can say that semiconductors are being used for entire range of industries like consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace & defense, healthcare, communications infrastructure to computer industries, and many more. We recognize and analyze the current and future scenario of this industry and devise solutions as per your needs to help you capitalize according to the prevailing trends.

Telecom & Information Technology

The telecom & IT industry has undergone a sea change transformation because of its dynamic nature. This industry continues to play a crucial role in the development of various other areas, such as computing, automobile, healthcare, administrative, defense, and other industries. The huge adoption rate of connected digital technologies, deployment of 4G & 5G technologies, and adoption of IoT and Big Data across various industrial verticals has largely boosted the growth of the telecom & IT industry and creating immense opportunities in the market. It not only helps the other industries to enhance their products and services but also helps in improving the overall quality of their tools and business. Moreover, technologies are coming into markets at an unprecedented rate and constantly changing the way we work and live. We have a dedicated and experienced team of analysts who are constantly the tracking and analyzing the market through primary and secondary research. Our reports deliver detailed analysis and strategic insights on various crucial areas, which further helps our clients in their decision-making.


The automotive industry is presently witnessing what we can call as its greatest transformation till date. This industry has showcased immense growth across developed as well as emerging economies alike. The trends driven by technology have revolutionized the way in which the players involved in this industry bring about a change based on the changing consumer behavior. Adopting “Green” methods has been garnering more and more importance as far as the design concept for the automobile industry is concerned. The major driver expected to spur the growth of this industry is the development of electric cars, where smart technologies and semiconductors will play a vital role in the years to come. Additionally, advent of technologies like automated and autonomous vehicles, smart infotainment systems, and lightweight design are greatly influencing the sector. Apart from this, the automotive manufacturers are also focusing on digitalization, sustainability, efficiency, passenger safety and comfort, and cost saving. With lucrative opportunities on the cards, the automotive revenue pool is expected witness significant rise in the near future. Our reports offer in-depth analysis and study of the markets based on the prevailing trends in this industry, thus allowing access to insights, such as revenue forecasts, competitive landscape, market sizes, company profiles and strategies adopted, and price trends and regulations, among others.


Healthcare industry has witnessed massive transformation over the years, especially in patient care by focusing greatly on clinical outcomes. The advent of minimally invasive or non-invasive medical technologies has been a major driver for the growth of this industry, especially since it not only shortens the recovery time but also lowers the medical costs. Healthcare being an industry of dynamic nature, it has become necessary for the organizations to leverage benefits of the latest and emerging trends in order to enhance clinical outcomes. Thanks to the internet penetration, patients have now become aware of the latest technologies and healthcare services, which have led to the growth in demand for sophisticated, transparent, and personalized services. Moreover, with the adoption of the technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, and robotics has become integral to all aspects of healthcare. This unique confluence of technology and medicine has completely transformed the face of the industry. In order to stay ahead of the curve, the healthcare organizations are actively trying to evolve and adopt latest technologies and regulations to cater to the needs of the patients. The experienced team at MarketDigits constantly tracks the markets with new and emerging fields and offer ground-breaking solutions that are of utmost benefit to our clients.


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